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Academy2Go Academy for Eyecare Excellence App for iPhone / iPod Touch

The CIBA VISION® Academy for Eyecare Excellence has expanded the reach of its highly-regarded professional education programs with online learning modules and an “app” for iPhone® users called “Academy2GO.”

iPhoneFourteen online learning modules cover topics ranging from eye anatomy to multifocal soft lens fitting. Some courses are designated for the eye care practitioner (ECP) and others are designed for his or her staff members. Certain courses are accredited so that ECPs can obtain CE credits while learning from the convenience of their office or home.

Each learning module takes about 40 minutes to complete, although the user may pause the program at any time, allowing busy ECPs and staff members to complete the work in shorter increments. At the end of the module, the user takes an online test, which is scored instantly. After scoring is complete, the user can print out a certificate of completion that is suitable for framing or submission to a local licensing board for continuing education consideration.

“The Academy for Eyecare Excellence has received positive feedback from ECPs and staff members who are using the e-learning modules. This reflects the evolution of education through online learning, offering the same high-quality educational material that is available during in-person courses. The only difference with e-learning is the ECP can access the modules when it’s most convenient without incurring the cost of travel or office downtime,” said the Global Director Professional Education. 

The CIBA VISION® e-learning modules are available to ECPs around the globe.  CIBA VISION® took its commitment to online learning one step further by offering an iPhone “app” called “Academy2GO” as a no-cost download for ECPs who are iPhone users.  Once the app is installed on the iPhone, the user can access the Academy for Eyecare Excellence tools from their iPhone.

From a technology perspective, the iPhone (and emerging smartphone technology) isn’t just about a novel mobile phone with video games, widgets and news highlights. Increasingly, it’s also used to take care of business.  This digital platform and connection touchpoint is rapidly changing the way the world communicates.  CIBA VISION® is leading the way in enhancing interaction and relationships with eyecare professionals worldwide.  This Academy for Eyecare Excellence iPhone app is an exciting point of differentiation and a transformational communication platform for now and the future.

“As a partner with ECPs around the world, CIBA VISION® is continuing to enhance Academy for Eyecare Excellence offerings through ease of access.  We are listening to the needs of the ECP and responding in a way that delivers needed content in a technology format that is most convenient for them,” said the Global Director Professional Education.  “Technology is a powerful tool that allows us to overcome concerns of time, money and travel so that more ECPs, staff and their patients receive the benefit of high-quality, accredited continuing education.”

Click here to download the app now (iTunes link)

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